Myrtle Liqueur


This liqueur was born from the cold infusion of myrtle berries and leaves from Salento. The berries were harvested in the vesting period .

This liqueur was diluted with herbal teas of infused berries and leaves to obtain a unique and intense flavor and to extrapolate the active ingredients as by alcoholic infusion and also by maceration in hot water.

A strong aromatic taste remains on the palate, thanks to the unmistakable aroma of the berries and also tending to delicate herbal taste thanks to its leaves. 

Excellent digestive properties.




* after a meal , as a digestive drink, served at 5 °in a liqueur glass;

* used to cook red meats, lamb or game dishes;

* in drops or vaporized in cocktails and as an aperitif to give a Mediterranean aroma.


Filtering method: linen cloth. 

Any sediments are caused by completely manual filtering.

To be served preferably cold, shake before use.


Harvesting time:December /January.


0 dyes, thickeners, preservatives or additives.


Color: Dark purple


10% of Italian raw sugar.


50% diluted with herbal teas.


Preparation time: 1 month

Maturing time in stainless steel tank: 8 month


30 ° alcoholic degree.


500 and 1500ml capacities.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

0.50 lt, 1.50 lt


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