Enjoy Ulìa gin

It is a gin for meditation and should be savored in a tulip glass paired with a dry dessert, dark chocolate and possibly while smoking a cigar.


For 3 years in olive wood


The first Mediterranean gin made with 10 botanicals


Each bottle is numbered


Diluted with aloe vera, it features citrusy and spicy notes

Our History

Who We Are

Essentiae del Salento was born in the early 2007 in the extreme edge of Italy's heel, with the aim of producing elixirs and jams, strictly following traditional recipes and ancient procedures observed since ancient times.
Absolutely natural, our products are handcrafted without the use of preservatives, colorants or chemical additives.
The strong and enduring aroma, intense and unmistakable taste and vibrant color are all due to the exclusive production process and, above all, the use of selected fresh ingredients.

From Salento and from the heart

Artisanal Apulian Liqueurs

100% natural, Essentiae Salento liqueurs are produced following traditional recipes, without the use of flavors or colorants, to preserve all the aromatic and flavorful properties of the fruits from Apulia.

Delight your palate with the authentic flavors of Essentiae del Salento.

Only high-quality raw materials

Jams, Preserves, Compotes and Fruit in alcohol

Essentiae del Salento is committed every day to offer you a natural product, rich in benefits and free from industrial preservatives.

Tutte le marmellate, confetture, composte e frutta sotto spirito All the jams, preserves, compotes and fruit in alcohol are made with seasonal raw materials and do not contain frozen or imported products. We only use fresh and dried fruits from Apulia. frutta fresca e secca Pugliese.

Cotto Carrube
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