Ulìa Mediterranean gin of olive leaves


A bronze gin born from cold infusion and aging in olive wood for 3 years.

Its leaves and fruits are organic and collected during the ripening period in the natural parks of Salento.

With a strong taste, with citrus and spicy notes, but delicate thanks to the presence of honey, herbal teas and aloe vera with which it is diluted.

The smell dominates the juniper, on the palate the olive leaves stand out, with a soft and round finish of a balanced and persistent symphony of fresh aromas of the Mediterranean Macchia.




* 15 ° neat as a digestive end meal accompanied by dark chocolate, dry desserts and cigar;

* 5° cocktails ;

* In the kitchen with red meats and game.


Color: bronze

Manual filtering method: linen cloth.


10 botanicals:

Olive leaves

Bitter Orange






Anice stellato

Carob liqueur

And clearly the juniper


3 years of seasoning with aging in olive wood

2% organic Apulian orange blossom honey

20% diluted with aloe vera 

30% diluted with herbal teas from botanicals

90 ° juniper distillate

6 months preparation time

40 ° alcoholic degree

700ml capacity

Additional information


Bottiglia da 0.70 lt, Cassetta Artigianale in legno di ulivo


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