The Salento Line

The SALENTO LINE is our historical line with which we were born, a vintage bottle with a label that recalls the names of the fruits in the Salento dialect.


* Ulìa: Liqueur of olive leaves and bitter orange peel;

* Scarcioppula: digestive liqueur of fruits and artichoke leaves and pink grapefruit peel;

* Raulu: digestive liqueur of laurel leaves and berries;

* Carosello: digestive liqueur of wild fennel;

* Focumeu: digestive liqueur of Habanero pepper and “guardacielo”, almonds and saffron;

* Mennula: bitter and sweet almond liqueur from Toritto (Sloow Food Presidium);

* Cornula: carob liqueur

* Murteddrha: myrtle liqueur from Salento;

* Nuces: digestive liqueur of walnuts, turmeric, licorice and spices;

* Limes: digestive liqueur of Lime, ginger and mint;

* Trio of citrus fruits: organic citrus liqueur from Salento (mandarins, oranges and lemons);

* Tris crema: Creamy liqueur of organic citrus fruits from Salento (mandarins, oranges and lemons);

* Limonia: organic lemon liqueur from Salento;

* Limonia crema: Creamy liqueur of organic lemons from Salento.





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Carosello, Cornula, Focumeu, Limes, Limonia, Limonia crema, Mennula, Murteddrha, Nuces, Raulu, Scarcioppula, Tris crema, Tris d’agrumi, Ulìa


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