Laurel liqueur


This liqueur was born from the cold infusion of bay leaves and berries and Salento herbs harvested during the ripening period.

This liqueur has been diluted with infused leaves and fruit teas to obtain a unique and intense flavor and to extrapolate the active ingredients both by alcoholic infusion and by maceration in hot water.

The characteristic and intense aroma of bay leaves, mitigated by a mix of fresh fragrances of Salento herbs, give the product amazing digestive properties.

An intense taste of bay leaves and fresh balsamic herbs remain on the palate.




* after a meal , as a digestive drink, served at 10° in a liqueur glass;

* used to cook red meats, lamb or game dishes;

* in drops or vaporized in cocktails and as an aperitif to give an intense and balsamic aroma.


Filtering method: linen cloth. 

Any sediments are caused by completely manual filtering.

To be served preferably cold, shake before use.


Harvesting time: October/March.


0 dyes, thickeners, preservatives or additives.


Color: Brown


10% of Italian raw sugar.


50% diluted with herbal teas.


Preparation time: 1 month

Maturing time in stainless steel tank: 8 month


30 ° alcoholic degree.


500 and 1500ml capacities.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

0.50 lt, 1.50 lt


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